Multi Motors With Synchronized Speed

The project is designed to synchronize multiple motor’s speed in industries using radio frequency. Usually in industries multiple motors work simultaneously to execute a task for instance in textile industry where a conveyor belt is used to draw clothes which is run by motors operating at same speed. The project uses wireless technology to synchronize the motors without any differential speed error. Among all the motors one acts as transmitter and all other as receivers, therefore the speed set in the transmitter will be applied same to all other receivers. The project uses BLDC motors that uses PWM control concept. The motor works in closed loop mechanism and produces RPM reference that is given to the microcontroller. The desired speed is set through a keypad interfaced to the microcontroller and is displayed on a LCD screen. The microcontroller initiates the opto-isolator and a MOSFET to operate the BLDC motor at the entered speed. Multi Motors With Synchronized Speed

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