Industry Color Mixer Using Gsm

The Microcontroller Based Color Maker System can be a model of industrial color mixer or liquid mixer where oil colors are to be made. Microcontroller Based Color Mixer project can be used in Chemical industry, Color industry, Oil industry and Pharmaceutical industry.
The project consists of three containers or vessels containing Red, Yellow and Blue colors. And fourth container is for resultant color, three solenoids for flowing colors from different containers and one motor in fourth container to mix up the resultant color well. Time of opening solenoid valve is controlled by microcontroller according to input color we want to make. There will be a menu of colors on LCD and we will select required color through Switches OR via SMS. A GSM modem is connected to the Microcontroller via max232 to communicate to the User mobile via SMS. The user can select the color just by sending an SMS to the GSM Modem.
The programming of Microcontroller is done in C language using KEIL Compiler. PCB designing is done in EAGLE software.

Industry color maker project

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