Intelligent Energy Saving Using Human Sensing

This projects focuses on energy saving using an effective strategy. it consists of built in detectors for human presence detection that helps it to instantly identify human presence or absence and operate the devices accordingly.
The aim of this project is to turn a device ON/OFF by sensing/Detecting human presence.
This project is about using Human/PIR sensor. In this project we keep sensor in front of door, whenever person enters through door, lights/fan gets on and after person goes away it gets off automatically.
This project is about energy saving with the help of PIR module. This module can b fixed in front of door or staring of stairs. Whenever person comes in front of it or there is any moment light/ fan gets ON and after some time / delay it gets OFF. Hence energy can be saved when not required.
The devices being controlled are:
1. Tube light.
2. Bulb.
3. Fan.

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