Distributed database for mobile roaming networks

This mobile network project allows for terminal mobility supports well as service portability feature for mobile networks making global roaming quite flexible and feasible. This is done with help of a PTN or personal telecommunication number that is location independent. The high number of these unique PTN’s numbers and their associated mobile users require large and distributed storage architecture. The demand for large storage space coupled with the need for high speed processing and data transfer has lead to the use of efficient database architecture. This project brings forward a scalable, efficient and flexible location database design based on PTN numbers. The database system here has a tree structure with a three layer structure. The connection between layers is in a root and branch relationship. Through the study of various localized nature of calling and mobile communication database, this system gradually reduces the load on database during heavy traffic and even efficiently manages various database retrieval activities. It also contains 2 more attributes in its memory, the direct file and the T-tree file, that are used to enhance the database output further. The analysis report and real time use of this system conveys that it successfully manages heavy traffic loads on mobile networks. Get this mobile networks project only on NevonProjects.

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