Image reconstruction for wireless transmission

This project puts forward a technique to fill back missing data in blocks for wireless image transmissions. While using lossy image compression techniques such as JPG for encoding and transmitting images, the image is divided and distributed in a block of 8 * 8 pixels. When this image is sent over a fading channel, the noise effect may adversely affect the image data. So without using some of these general retransmission query protocols, the idea here is to reconstruct the missing/damaged data using the relation between the last block and its instant neighbor. The lost structure part is reconstructed using a simple algorithm used for image painting and textured data is rectified and corrected using texture blocks. The proper technique to be used for reconstruction is chosen based upon the type of data in blocks and neighboring data blocks. This project successfully corrects damaged images and missing data successfully for various images and data block combinations. Get this innovative software project only on NevonProjects. Image reconstruction project

Additional Benifits:

  1. Blue book (basic introduction as per university format)
  2. Powerpoint Presentation
  3. Project Black book (complete guide of the project)

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