Balancing connection load on Wan- Mobile computing

Providing high connectivity without congestion and errors is a major challenge in Wireless networks. One way of doing this is through the use of points to balance load on the network. Some real time studies and research on WLAN networks have revealed that the AP load across it is quite unequally distributed. So in order to eliminate this imbalance across the network many load balancing techniques have been introduced. Usually some proprietary software or hardware support is needed at the user side of AP for this purpose. This project proposes an innovative to balance the load across a network by monitoring and limiting the size of each WLAN cell or the coverage range of an AP that is quite similar to cell breathing technique used widely in mobile networks. This project does not limit any user functionality or IEEE 802.11 standard. It just needs to dynamically change the transmitting strength of Ap messages. Get this Wlan load balancing project only on NevonProjects

Additional Benifits:

  1. Blue book (basic introduction as per university format)
  2. Powerpoint Presentation
  3. Project Black book (complete guide of the project)

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