6 Volt DC to 10 Volt DC Converter

Our project proposes to step up the DC voltage applied by making use of voltage multiplying principles. The system uses a 555 timer IC the provide the required output astable mode that is approx double of the supplied voltage. This output from the 555 timer IC is now forwarded to a voltage multiplier ckt in order to achieve needed output.
Our project consists of a voltage doubling circuit that integrates two diodes along with 2 capacitors. The system is integrated with a 555 timer IC that runs in astable mode. A supplied DC voltage here applied at 6 volts outputs a 10 volts DC voltage. The 555 timer IC output is then transferred through a voltage doubler in order to produce a 10 V DC having 20% regulation due to circuit parameters. The applied load should be now restricted to around 5 mA since applying a higher current may lead to poor regulation in future. This may lead to output voltage lowering below a particular level. A multimeter can now be used to measure the output.
The system can be further improved by by getting three to ten ties more output voltage using multiple stages.
6 Volt DC to 10 Volt DC Converter

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