Mini FM Transmission System

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Mini FM Transmission Project
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We have often tried to transmit voice through two empty match boxes connected through a string. With the advent of wireless technology we now know that we can talk with hand held devices that don’t have strings attached!
The Mini FM Transmission System is an example of wireless communication with the help of transmission in FM band. The choice of FM band is in this project is mainly because of the high digital quality and low noise interference that this band offers in audio transmission. Also, we do have readymade receivers for the FM band in the form of our standard Radio receivers or our cell phone devices that are fitted with FM receivers. So once the audio signal, be it voice, be it music, it can be transmitted through this transmitter system and can be heard through the receiver that was mentioned above.
In this transmitter system we will be using the FM band of 88 MHz to 108 MHz of frequency spectrum for transmission purpose. The input to this system is audio signal which is amplified with transistor based audio amplifier. This signal is then modulated with the carrier frequency in the above mentioned frequency range and then transmitted through the antenna.

Brand vid tech

Hardware Specifications

  • Inductors
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Microphone Sensor
Block Diagram