Industry Process Automation Using Programmable Switching

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Dc motor for speed control
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The project operates the switching mechanism of industrial loads for repeated operations with the help of a user programmable logic control device. The project uses three switches and a microcontroller of 8051 family that operates the loads in three modes: set, auto and manual mode. In set mode, the load works according to the specified time and in auto mode it operates in default time. In the manual mode, user can manually switch the load. The status of the loads and mode are displayed on LCD. This project is useful in industries where the loads are operated in repetitive orders and in time intervals.

Brand vid tech

Hardware Specifications

  • 8051 series Microcontroller
  • Transformer
  • Relay Driver
  • Relays
  • Push Buttons
  • LEDs
  • Diodes
  • LCD
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Crystal
  • Lamps

Software Specifications

  • Keil µVision IDE
  • MC Programming Language: Embedded C




Block Diagram