Grid Tie Rotating Solar Rooftop System Atmega

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Increasing Energy demands in the recent years have been seen to be growing at an exponential rate by the commercial and as well as domestic markets. While the non-renewable resources are rapidly getting depleted, it leaves with no other option but to use renewable resources to produce usable energy as well as saving some amount of money This project makes this process of harnessing solar energy along with earning some money with it easy.
With this project you can save money on your power bill, increase the value of your home or office and reduce your carbon footprint without losing the security of the public power grid.
This project is based on atmega 328. This controller contols the solar panel by rotating it according to the position of sun.
These energy from the solar panel is then stored in battery which is then used to power the home or office.The remaning energy is then returned to the power station through the gird tie system. Hence with the help of these project lots of Power consumption will be reduced.

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