GPS + GSM Based Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Project

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GPS GSM Vehicle Tracking
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The project proposes a GPS + Gsm based vehicle tracking system that tracks the vehicle and sends the data over through a sms.
The system includes a GPS modem that continuously tracks the vehicle location in the form of latitude and longitude. The data is then sent over to a microcontroller interfaced to a Gsm modem.
The microntroller acts as the controlling head of the system. It receives the data from GPS modem and constantly sends over the longitude and latitude data to user via sms through the GSM modem from time to time as per the interval limit set by user.
This system will help transport and travel companies keep track of their vehicles. Also receive regular status of vehicles. The system can be further improved by adding a gui for tracking as well as allowing driver to remotely stop the vehicle engine.

Hardware Specifications

  • 8051 series Microcontroller
  • GSM module
  • Max232
  • DB9 connector
  • Voltage Regulator
  • LCD display
  • GPS Modem
  • LED
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
Software Specifications

  • Keil µVision IDE
  • MC Programming Language: Embedded C




Block Diagram
GPS + GSM Based Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Project