Quad Rotor (Four Fan Helicopter)

Multicopter project
A quad rotor is a four fan supported helicopter.This a flight ready quad rotor setup. Just assemble it and its up. This multicopter enables full flight control for it’s users. With free flying acrobatics capability you get full control of its flight movements. You may get this project in two forms:

  • Ready State: Ready to Fly
  • Assemble Parts: We provide you with a quad rotor kit for you to assemble.

In both the options each multicopter and assembly kits are pre-tested in and are in a ready to deliver manner.

  • The multi fan helicopter supports gyro acrobatics including front looping and barrel rolls.
  • Interfacing capability with any R/C receiver.
  • Battery charge indicator.

It comes with a brushless motor (4x950kv), 2200Ma Lipo20C Battery and Intelligent Charger.

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