Auto Light/Water Saving Project

AUto light tap switcher

A common thing we all often forget is to switch off the room lights and tap water. It’s one of common human tendencies to forget things at times. This usually leads to water as well as electricity wastage. To avoid this unnecessary wastage we present an innovative system. The Auto light and tap switcher automatically switches on lights as it detects a human presence in a room. The system is fitted with sensors and counters to keep count of persons in a room. The system switches off the lights if the person counter equals zero value. The same concept is applied to a wash basin, it switches off the water supply as soon as the system counter shows zero persons present and switches on when it counts presence. Thus the system saves a lot of energy as well as automates the lighting and wash basin process.

Software Requirements:

1. Keil compiler
2. Eagle 5.0

Hardware Requirements:

1. Microcontroller AT89S52.
2. Relay
3. TSOP IR Sensors
4. LED circuit

Industrial Applications:
1. Restaurants
2. College
3. Office
4. Library
5. Shopping Mall etc.

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