Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Project

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Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot



Here we propose an automated vaccum cleaner robotic system that allows for automatic cleaning of a particular area or room by covering the area using border analysis. The robotic system follows a zigzag path to cover entire room. The system uses ultrasonic sensors for boundary sensing and operates accordingly in order to cover entire room. The system also has a vacuum suction cleaner attached to its back for dust suction. It also displays the time utilized for complete cleaning session and displays it on LCD display post the cleaning process. The system uses microcontroller based circuit system in order to monitor ultrasonic sensors as well as operate LCD display and control robot movement at the same time. The system detects one corner of room and starts from there, it then activates vacuum cleaner motor in order to start the suction system. The robot now operates in a zig zag manner by turning once a corner is reached. It cover the complete area automatically. There should be no obstacle in the entire room for this system to work properly. This can be resolved in future improvements in the system. Also the system now displays the time it required to finish the complete cleaning on LCD display.

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Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

  • Atollic Studio
  • MC Programming Language: C
Block Diagram