Your Personal Nutritionist Using FatSecret API

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Personal Nutritionist as the name, the system can act as your personal nutritionist while this system can be used also by nutritionist gaining a lot of information and help in many ways. FatSecret API helps the System to get the information in many ways. The user can get details about a number of nutrients, vitamins etc of a fruit or vegetable. The user can add his recipes or get recopies using the API.
The System basically helps the user in what to eat and which is good, what will help him and etc, the system will help him filter things easily.
The System also allows the user to make a diet plan and remind him his food timings.

  • The System can be operated only if the user is a registered user thus securing data.
  • The user is allowed to make a diet plan and set reminders.
  • With the help of FatSecret API the user can gain a lot of information about a food or eatable.
  • The System needs an active Internet Connection.
  • The data may be inaccurate if there are problems with the internet.

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