Advanced AI Dietitian

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Considering the anomalies in the existing system computerization of the whole activity is being suggested after initial analysis.“Artificial Intelligence Dietitian” is a BOT with artificial intelligence about human diets.It acts as a diet consultant similar to a real Dietitian.User may login and view various diet information A Dietitian consults a person based on his schedule, body type, height and weight. The system too asks all this data from the user and processes it.It asks about how many hours the user works, his height, weight, age etc.It stores and processes the above data and then calculates the nutrient value needed to fill up user’s needs.It then shows an appropriate diet to the users and asks if user is ok with it, else it shows other alternate diets to fill up user’s needs.

  • No need of consulting doctor for diet plans.
  • This system provides full details of the nutrient constitution in body and if required more or not along with the plan by just answering to some queries.
  • Saves money and very effective and give accurate results as it is coded with keeping diet chart in mind.
  • There is alternative diet chart provided by the system if the user doesn’t like any.
  • One has to be sure about their details while entering fields like age height weight working hours and many more otherwise this system would give results that is not suitable for user if not sure about what they entered.

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