Voice Assistant For Visually Impaired

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This is an innovative System for visually impaired people and acts as a voice assistant for them. This system is used to help the visually impaired to have access to the most important features of the phone enhancing the quality of the system making use of different custom layouts and using speech to text. The System has custom messaging feature with inbox and sent items, call log and dialer, notes and battery level checking and reminder. All actions performed by the user the system speaks out and helps the user to know his current position. The System helps the user to also read the contents of the message along with the sender and the date and time, in whole everything.
The system also allows the user to note few things with its custom note pad .The System speaks out the dialer number pressed and called notification also. The System in all is a voice assistant for whatever action the user has performed though a custom app while taking the data from the default application. The custom app doesn’t save any data it is dependent on the phones data.

  • The System is only used for visually impaired, hence there is no Credentials to make it very easy and reliable.
  • The System speaks out everything and anything the user wants to listen from the system.
  • The System uses all custom layouts but data from the system hence saving a lot of size.
  • The System doesn’t require an internet connection.
  • Since the system doesn’t use internet, the data is saved offline and is phone dependent.
  • If the phone is formatted or lost the data is lost.

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