Traffic Signs Detection Using Matlab

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In this system traffic sign are detected and name of the sign will be displayed as output. Here we implemented image processing steps to detect traffic sign. User need to input the traffic sign images into the system. System will apply effective algorithm to detect traffic sign. We first converted rgb image to gray scale image. Image is further converted into black and white image inorder to apply image processing steps. Captured images are more prone to noise and environmental inetrefernce, so we applied filtering techniques to remove noise. We applied a algorithm where traffic sign images will be stored in directory. These images will have same width and height. These images will be in black and white. System will create dataset of these template image. User had upload traffic images. System will apply some image pre-processing steps and filtering techniques. Finally system will compare the dataset values and the values of query image. Based on the similarity system will display the result in text format. . In order to recognize the traffic sign we had used the concept of optical character recognition. System will provide result with 60%-80% accuracy.

  • Faster and accurate result
  • Traffic sign template should be in black and white format otherwise system will fail to recognize the symbol.

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