Secure E Learning Using Data Mining Techniques

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In today’s lifestyle every task has been executed by help of internet. The online system or the internet facilities getting more popular as well as its becoming part of human lifestyle. Now in days every individual recommends that learning should at any-place and any-time, and this recommendation is resolved by E-Learning system. Secure E-learning has been divided into two parts Data Security and user flexibility. E-learning has huge database which carries lots of student records, course records, course materials and so on. In this system user security provided by the admin, admin himself authorize to candidate to enter into the system. Course material also has been secured by using file encryption and decryption technique so that no one can access material outside the platform.

  • System provides security to learning material and candidate as well.
  • System reaches up to some extends to provide better knowledge, better experience using digital learning.
  • System has good interaction between learner and faculty.

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