Web Based Blood Donation Management System Project

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Blood donation is required during an organ transplant, accidents, cancer treatment etc. For blood donation, one needs to check for a donation camp or needs to visit blood bank. The Manual Blood donation system has many disadvantages which includes, it is too time consuming, often leads to error prone results, consumes lot of manpower, lacks donor information, retrieval of data takes a lot of time, percentage of accuracy is less. In the time of emergency, it becomes difficult to approach the right donor. Rare blood groups are not available all the time at all blood banks and recipients find difficulties to track the right blood donor. To overcome this problem, Nevon Projects has proposed a system. There are many blood donation management systems, but these systems only maintain the information of blood banks and donors. But Nevon projects has proposed a system which not only maintains the information of blood banks, but also maintains information of blood camps which makes blood transfusion process easier. This online blood donation management system maintains the list of blood donors and also helps the recipients to track and search the right donor easily. It has two modules namely Admin and User. Admins can add hospitals having blood banks and can also add various blood donation camps. He/she can also view the list of donors of a particular area with proper Blood cross match. He/she can also check for blood requests and in case of emergency he/she can send notifications to blood donors as per the requirements. Users can register and make a request. Users can also register as a donor. Donors can check for Blood camps and hospitals for blood donation and will be getting notifications in case of emergency. They can either accept or ignore it. This project aims at maintaining all information regarding blood donors, different blood groups available in blood banks as wells as blood camps and help them manage in a better way.

  • Recipients can get blood easily.
  • In case of emergency, if the blood group is rare, he/she can find for the certain blood group donor.
  • Donors can also donate blood easily by checking the list of blood donation camps.
  • It requires active internet connection.

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