Online College Admission Management System Project

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Traditional college admission is a hectic process, which involves students visiting off-site campus, taking application, filling it and then submission is another hectic story. 0n the day of admission, the flow of candidates is very high and it requires both manual processing and record keeping at the same time that makes the process lengthy and difficult to keep track of the admission status of a candidate in multiple departments. At present admission process is done manually with pen and paper which is very inefficient and utilizes much efforts and time. This college admission management system helps to make the admission process much easier and helps in maintaining database in an efficient way. In this system college admin can add the college details and the stream details. We can get the previous year’s cut off marks for all the streams. College can create the cut off list for the current year and the students are expected to register on the website and apply for the desired stream. College can register admissions of new students and also remove the students who denies the admission. College can make 3 list of cut off and the final list of students can be viewed. There are 2 modules in this system namely admin (college) and user (students). Admin can add college details and cut off list, they can select students, register and remove students, and can also view the final list of students. Users (Students) can login and view the college details and cut off marks list of various streams, they can also apply to the respective college and get notification if they are selected.

  • Saves students and college management members time.
  • Easy to access the system anywhere and anytime.
  • Requires an active internet connection.

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