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Nevon Price Comparison Website for Online Shopping
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Every shopper looks for the best deals & discounts before buying any product. Nowadays before purchasing anything the buyers do some online research of the products on the internet. One of the major factors which lead to purchasing of any product is cost or pricing. The buyers tend to compare prices before purchasing any product.

But since it is very difficult to visit each & every website for price comparison, there needs to be a solution to automate this process. The Price comparison website project proposed here gathers information on product prices from various websites & presents it to the users. The users can then choose to buy from the best options available. Even Ecommerce traders can use this price comparison website to study their competitors and form new strategies accordingly to attract new customers & stay ahead of their competitors.

This price comparison website for products will help to compare the price from various e-commerce websites, This Price comparison site is extremely helpful for frequent online shoppers to check prices on different online stores in one place.

This system will show you the product prices from different retailers to show you where to buy the product at affordable price, Any two static websites classes are analysed to get the pricing details, To get the pricing details, the system visits the website based on user’s search and downloads the html search page of that specific website, Once prices from both the websites are retrieved, it is displayed on our website in the form of price comparison.


  • It saves time.
  • Users pay least price for same product


  • Visual effect of product during manually purchasing the product is different from viewing the product in your device
  • This application requires active internet connection
  • User need to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally

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