Online Sports Turf Playground Booking System

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Turf playground are used to play various sports like football, rugby, tennis, cricket, etc. People enjoy playing on the turf, it has vibrant environment and very safe to play. Many school teams and clubs prefer turf playground for practice and training purpose. Sometime it becomes difficult to book turf playground because of timing issue or the slot getting booked previously. This sports ground booking website is proposed for booking the turf in an easy and efficient way. It has three modules namely, Admin, Manager and User. Admin can login and can add turf locations, assign manager by creating login credentials for manager, add price details for the particular turf, manages turf and view the details of sports venues booking for all locations. Managers assigned by the Admin are different for different Turf playground locations. Managers will get login credentials from admin, he/she can login using credentials, he/she can check the rates, view the request for turf booking for the respective location, can accept booking, generate bill and can view the booking history. Users can check the availability of the turf, select timings, fill personal details, can pay by providing bank details or card details and he/she can also see view previous turf booking history.

  • Turf booking can be done just by sitting at home.
  • It required active internet connection.

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