Online Property Management System Project

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Real estate is a type of business for selling, buying, renting land, buildings and offices. Real estate agencies duties include, to give the property on rent or else to sell the property. Properties like building, retail sites, flats, houses, bungalows etc. Many people search for property for many purposes like residence, offices, faculty and etc. Every individual wants his house to be in the best location with best facilities. Offices should be near market area in order to increase sales and productivity. The manual real estate agency follows a lengthy and hectic process. People need to meet the agent in person, for checking the Property details and also needs to visit the location. it takes long time to look for the desired location and desired type of property. Thus, Nevon Projects has proposed a Real estate management system to overcome this difficulty. This online Property management system can help you to get best property by just sitting at home or anywhere. People can book their favorite property online just after a few clicks. In this system the agents can add the property for selling/ renting purpose and users can buy or book a property for rent. This system has two modules namely, Admin and User. Admin can add the property details for buildings, retail sites, flats, houses, bungalows. Admin can also add the advertises of properties and also can check the list of registered clients. Users need to register and then login just by using credentials. Users can view the properties for rent or for buying purpose. He/ she can mark the favorite properties and can also book appointment for visiting the viewed favorite places.

  • Benefits of saving times.
  • Getting best offers.
  • Can see the house on rent on just sitting home.
  • Third part interest is been taken.
  • Needs active internet connection.

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