Video Surveillance Software

This is an innovative approach to video surveillance software project. We normally find video camera’s in banks and other organization that continuously record and save the recorded video footage for days or months. This utilizes a lot of battery life and storage capacity to store these large video footage. Well this video surveillance software is an enhanced version of organization security that continuously monitors but only records unusual changes in the organization. These unusual changes may include theft detection or fire detection in offices. It may also include rodent detection in bakeries or restaurants after closing. As soon as the system catches any unusual activity it takes steps and informs the user by:
1. Sending an sms to the user about an unusual activity.
2. Sending an image of the activity to the users Email so that he may check the problem seriousness and react accordingly.
The main advantage of the system is that it instantly alerts the user about any suspicious activity at the place and requires much less or no storage space as compared to the traditional surveillance system

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