Medical ERP System

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This project is an efficient enterprise resource management system made for the medical business. The software system consists of a central database for storing all the ERP related data for a particular medical organization. The system consists of an effective GUI that allows system users to input supply and demand related data easily into the system. The system then processes the data and accordingly stores it into the system. This data can later be used for statistical and work needs. It has a large repository to store and maintain product names, dates, delivery dates and other product specific data. The software system can be modified accordingly to suit various medical business needs.

Additional Functionality(Optional):

Sms notifications: The system automatically important notifications such as an sms is sent to concerned authority at the time a product is out of stock and similar event occurrence.

  • The system is very effective and convenient to use.
  • It reduces the use of manpower to a great extent.
  • It produces an overall statistics of the inventories so that it can be further used in future for analysis purpose.
  • The system is secured and gives only authorized access.
  • It saves cost and time.
  • As it reduces human efforts, it reduces employment.

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