Project management system

This software system is designed to help in managing various projects for a company. It allows easy management and tracking of various projects running in the organization and the people assigned to these projects. This project can also be modified to suit student projects management system, that includes various projects assigned to students and the students working o each project. This software system allows for easy project management and tracking activities in those projects. An administrator has the overall control of this system that allows him to create and remove projects as per the requirement. Allocate start and completion dates for those projects, allocate people to work on those projects and that track the project progress. It is an effective software system to help manage these activities in a corporate or college environment.

  • It excludes the manual work of tracking projects.
  • It manages the use of proper resources in time.
  • It maintains schedule of the projects that is the start and end date of project accomplishment and reminds prior to the end date.
  • The system tells the admin when the resources are about to get replenished so that more resources are made available soon.
  • The system saves time, efforts and cost of organization.
  • It is easy and flexible to use.
  • It requires a large database.
  • It does not keep track of payments.

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