Voice Logger Software Project

This is an innovative voice logger software system that is used for voice call recording and storing those call related data along with it. It is a system similar to the one used in a call center used for recording and storing various call related details along with the recorded voice call. The first and most important feature of this system is the voice call recording and storage. The system can store the voice call as an audio file in its database. The system also retrieves various call related data to be stored in the database along with the call. The call related data includes various call elated parameters such as call time/Date, caller/receiver number and call duration. The call duration is calculated from call start time and end time and stored accordingly in the database. The other parameters are also stored accordingly as that particular call records. The user or administrator may then check for various call records as and when needed. Administrator can search call records based on particular day or time of call. According to the query the system retrieves all calls matching the query along with each ones call related data and the recorded call.

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