Thermal analysis of Cylinder Head Gasket Ansys

Cylinder head gasket is used to improve the efficiency of automobile engines by reducing the wastage in heat transfer between coolant and walls of a cylinder. The cylinder head gasket should be designed in such a way that it creates sealing to the cylinder engine which should withstand the temperature generated by each combustion inside the cylinder at different loading conditions. The gas should not be escaped as the contact stresses subjected to the gasket should be analyzed depending on the size and shape of the cylindrical head. In this research, we design a gasket in an application called PROE, as the design is done by the taken specification according to the size of a cylinder. The designed model is saved as an IGES file and dumped into ANSYS for analysing the model when it is subjected to thermal and static loads. The results are taken out and the area which experiences the maximum load is shown. The obtained model is taken and geometric views are generated and the following screenshots are shown. Analysis of the design is obtained by using Ansys software and following results and tables are listed.

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