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Student satisfaction is a major concern for any educational institute. However, many a time the students fail to express their concerns & issues or fail to reach out for proper support from the organization. Neither is there any system to address the conflicts or issues faced by the students.

This eventually leads to students’ dissatisfaction. Hence, to maintain the dignity of the college or institute by ensuring a conflict-free atmosphere by promoting good student-teacher relationships we have developed a Student Grievance System that will address the students’ issues & grievances. The students can lodge their complaints through this system which will be redressed by the institute. This python-based student grievance cell will also look into matters of harassment thus creating a protective environment for students.

The system functions to look into the grievances lodged by any student. Students may approach the cell to voice their grievances regarding academic matters, health services, library and other services. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the Co-ordinator or member of the Student’s Grievance cell, Grievance cell is formed in order to keep the healthy working atmosphere amongst staff and students, Admin can view the resolving status of all grievance.


  • It provides a fair and speedy means of grievance handling.
  • The affected person need not consult grievance cell members directly to register complaints.
  • Saves time of affected person and cell members
    Builds harmonious education atmosphere in campus


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