Smart Attendance System iOS

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Smart attendance system is an iOS application built for an iOS compatible device, to effortlessly take attendance in schools or colleges. This application reduces the time taken and amount of paperwork or books required by the staff of the institution. It’s an application built for the faculty member to take the attendance of the students on their mobile device.

The application is divided into different modules:

• Student attendance list creation: Once the application is installed on the iOS device, the user can create student attendance sheet with his name, roll number, date, subject and attendance marking column.

• Attendance Marking: As the list is created, the user can now see the list with the roll calls and mark the attendance, i.e. present or absent in front of the respective student.

• Attendance Storage: The device is now stored in the faculty iOS device and they may view it anytime on their iOS device.

  • Creates student list to mark attendance and store it on a sheet.
  • Eliminates the use of paper work.
  • Reduces time.
  • This application gives the overall class performance in attendance.
  • It’s a mobile application, which reduces the weight of carrying a laptop of any technical device to the classroom.
  • The application is easy to install and use.
  • The system can be run only on iOS platform.
  • Requires internet.
  • Requires iOS device.

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