Secure Authentication Using Graphical Password iOS

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Secure Authentication Using Graphical Password is an iOS based application, which allows the user to set a custom picture already stored in the phone or instantly click a picture as the Password. The picture chosen, will then be divided in 9 parts and represented as 3X3 cubes for authentication in a scrambled pattern. With the scrambled pattern, this application is a much secured authentication iOS application. The user has to choose select the scrambled cubes in the order as per set the original picture, like solving a puzzle. The selected picture will be saved in the phone device memory in the folder named with the user name underscore ( _ ) user id, i.e., username_userid. In this application, if the user credential are correct then only the application will be open and you can access the data.

  • Keeps your finance updated
  • Picture pattern changes on every login.
  • Any picture will be broken in 9 parts and the user has to solve it like a puzzle.
  • The password can be any picture, so that any intruder cannot figure out the pattern.
  • The picture is stored in device memory and showed in the gallery.
  • Once the cube is selected you cannot deselect it until you press OK or reenter the password.
  • Needs iOS device.

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