Delivery Van Tracking Over Internet using iOS

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GPS is a built in navigation system, used to get location information for any person. In Delivery Van Tracking Using Mobile application, is an iOS application used to track a particular vehicle. This application will track the location of a delivery van and send the details to the admin. The admin will track the driver of the delivery van to conform his location and know if he has reached the place of delivery. In this application, the user needs to register for his login id and password. Using these credentials the application will allow the user to track the delivery van. The admin can access this tracking system for recoding the attendance of the drivers which will help to calculate the salary of the driver. The driver cannot forge any data in the tracking system as the admin can find out.

  • Tracks the vehicle who is on the delivery.
  • Helps admin to keep a record.
  • Need an iOS device
  • Requires an active internet connection

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