Daily News Updates iOS Application

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Daily news updates is a very informative and advance news updating system iOS application which helps the user to be updated with the news, articles or any other interesting and informative things happening around their location. This application will help the local public to keep themselves updated about their vicinity, locality or the city. This application consists of two application, one for the admin and the other for user. The user has the access to view the news as well as add more news related stuff on his premises, locality, and city his or any other. The admin has the access to monitor all the news updated, and if he finds any irrelevant, fake or abusive news updated by any user he can take any action. The application is an iOS application with a backend in SQL server. To use the application, the user has to register into the system to use the app and can update the details. To add any news the user and admin can add any news tittles and pictures related to the news. When any news is updated, the latest news flashes on the top of the screen. The text limit for the news id 450 words. The application’s look and feel is unique and different, it also provides a transition effective swipe function to see the next or the previous news.

  • Admin and user login, are separated.
  • User can view and add news about his city or another city.
  • The admin can takes action on the user who uploads any abusive or irrelevant news.
  • Updating news with 450 words and image.
  • Easy to use.
  • It requires Active internet connection.
  • Only registered users can see the post.
  • Requires iOS application.

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