Children Safety Tracking iOS Application

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Children tracking system is an iOS application as well as a web based application. The admin adds details of the children and their parents or guardians. The parents or guardians then receive an email of the user id and password to access the web interface to track their children. The Children having an iOS device can use the iOS application and can be tracked by the parents or guardians from then web based application. The system allows the parent to add their children data providing them with a user id and password which is stored in the system. The children will have this iOS application installed in their phone and as they login, their GPS location will sent and stored in the SQL server database. As soon as the child log in the GPS location will be tracked automatically by the application and stores the GPS coordinates into the database every 5 minutes. When the child logs out, the final location is also saved. This application plays a major role in keeping the track of children.

  • Web based as well as iOS application
  • It helps parents or guardians to track their children
  • In any emergency case the parent will get notified
  • Children should be carrying an iOS device.
  • Requires active internet connection.

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