Secure Notes Storage Using Encryption iOS App

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Here we propose an iOS based secure text saving application. Save passwords, account numbers and personal details in your iOS device without any security issues. Each note is first encrypted using user defined key and only that particular user can decrypt it in original form using that key. Also there is an additional password used to access the message thus, we use 2 layers of security to securely store and access messages in an iOS phone using this application. Text Encryption & Decryption iOS application shows a list of encryption algorithms including AES, DES, RC2 and Blowfish. The user may choose any of the mentioned algorithms. The system then asks user for required encryption key. After entering key, system stores users data in an encrypted form. Next time the user needs to access the data he/she needs to select same algorithm and enter same key to decrypt to original message. Thus we achieve secure text storage in an iOS using Text encryption and decryption app.

  • Fast and Easy to use
  • No Internet Needed
  • It is highly reliable and secure
  • Need an iOS device
  • Text message can’t be retrived if user forget’s the key

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