Wake Me Up iOS Application

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Wake me up iOS application is like any other alarm system on an iOS device to set an Alarm to wake up person with customized notes or an image and also a good morning, good afternoon greet as per time of the day along with an inspirational quote. The alarm uses a 24 hour clock format, so while setting the alarm the user needs to set the time and they can even name the alarm. The user can set an alarm tone of their choice which is played back as you select a tone. This application does not support snooze function, but we introduced a unique Activity to turn off the alarm. The activity will be a simple quiz of General knowledge or a Mathematical question. These question are stored in the database. Answering these question with the right alternative will turn off the Alarm. This application uses the background service to check the current time and the time in the database. The alarm can be updated or the old alarm can be turned on from the Home Page.

  • Activity for turning off the alarm
  • Setting different alarm tone for different alarms
  • Alarms can be updated and old alarms are saved
  • iOS device needed
  • No snooze function
  • Activity may be time consuming

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