Smart AI Assistant & Task Reminder Bot

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Modern day-to-day life of people in major cities is very demanding and the schedules are equally hectic. In such times, it is practically impossible to keep a track of all the activities/ appointments. There may be times when we miss out things like to do our homework or office work or any task. And this cycle can keep going on endlessly. The human mind is not designed to multitask, it needs to work things out one at a time. This requires us to maintain our focus on the task at hand, and as a result other important things take a backstage and some may even slip out of our minds. In order to resolve this limitation, we have introduced a Task Alerting System. This system is designed to alert the user of all the important tasks that are due on a specific day, every week. So now, the user can carry on with his/her life without any worries.
The developed project is a tasks reminder app, with AI-powered Chatbot that will make user enjoy productivity. Whether your goal is to make good habits or get rid of bad ones. This application helps you to make sure that the tasks you set actually get done, with the help of its AI assistant. It follows your location, pings you at times you’re likely to see a notification and makes sure you don’t forget about items on your to-do list. The bot keeps you updated about the task progress and how given the user a notification if it is not completed as per the required progress.

  • Task monitoring help user to stay notified about their upcoming task.
  • Chat bot for answering the user’s query as well as setting up a reminder based on user’s preferences.
  • Time-to-Time notification will be received
  • System provide notification as per required.
  • Requires active internet connection
  • System may provide inaccurate results if data not entered properly.

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