E Challan Automation For RTO Using RFID

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Digitation is the rule of the world and is quickly growing and covering the entire nations. There were days when it started with paper based system now be it anything automation is the key for faster delivery of any system.
So we propose you a system E-Challan Automation for RTO using RFID. Here the user can manage all his papers and legal documents pertaining his vehicle be it any kind of vehicle or any number of vehicle, he can see the list of pentalies he was imposed and many other things. Traffic inspectors work has minimized using the system as they just have to enter the car details and with one go they get all the information and papers they need for the vehicle also can see how many law breaks have been encountered by the owner of the vehicle.

  • The System keeps track of the transactions in the RTO office.
  • It is more user friendly: The section such as, registration, license, etc. are combined together in a single window.
  • Use of RFID tags to check every registered vehicle.
  • Every detail of vehicle is maintained in a database.

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