Sending a secure message over a network to a remote site

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We here use a system to securely transfer a message encrypted using Aes algorithm to a remote site so that only proper authentication at remote site can decrypt the message. The system also uses acknowledgements to signal the message integrity and delivery over the network. The system consists of two terminal applications running concurrently over two different PC’s. User may first use the sending tab to send a secure message. On using this function the accepts user string and key to encrypt it. The system then receives this message and encrypts it using AES algorithm. Now the system transfers this message to remote site using over a Tcp/ip internet connection. The receiving system sends out a notification acknowledgement to the sender application as soon as it receives the string. It them allows receiving user to enter the key. The system now decrypts message using the key and sends out a notification to sender weather the receiver enter the right key or wrong one. Entering right key decrypts message to exact string sent, entering wrong key decrypts message to something wrong.

  • The system allows to remotely transfer message strings.
  • Allows for securely sending out messages.
  • Sends notifications of acknowledgement on receiving messages.
  • Easy , user friendly GUI.

  • It reduces employment as the human efforts are being automated by this system.

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