Online Diagnostic Lab Reporting System

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The system is an online diagnostic lab manager application that brings up various diagnosis working online. Here patients are first allowed to register on the site and also login using registered details. Once registered with their address and contact details, the patients may now see a variety of tests conducted by the lab along with their costs. The system allows for CBC, Blood Glucose, KFT, LFT tests to be booked by patient. The tests also consists of parameters like Hemoglobin, WBC, etc. Now the system allows users to book any test needed. After successful booking system calculates costs and allows users to pay online. After payment the patient test is booked and the lab may now collected samples from patients registered address. After successful testing the user now gets a notification of test result through an email. The system allows admin to attach a copy of the report into the system and automatically email it to intended patient.

  • The system allows automate diagnosis system.
  • Allows for faster service.
  • Allows increased sales and profits for diagnostic labs.
  • Easy , user friendly GUI.
  • It reduces employment as the human efforts are being automated by this system.

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