Diagnostic Centre Client Coordination System

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Diagnosis centres need to maintain good relations with their clients. There is always a database of clients maintained in every diagnostics centre. The database includes client contact details as well as his tests done. It includes data like contact numbers, name, address, email etc. Clients may conduct various tests at the diagnostic centre including blood test, urine test as well as cholesterol, liver and kidney tests. The system must be capable of evaluating patient bills and providing them in printable format. The system also allows admin to store and update patient data for existing and new patients. Since every client must be working for some or the other organization and many organizations have contracts with diagnostics centre to provide discounts to their employees, the system tracks this information too. Now the system also keeps count of the number of tests undergone by a patient in a year. After 10 tests in a year the system provides 5% discount to the patient from the 11th test in a particular year. The system also allows admin to sort out tests frequency and search particular patient records. Company wise discount rates are fed in to the system.

  • The system allows to store and update patient data with ease.
  • Allows for sorting searching particular records and patient history.
  • Allows discount calculation for improved business.
  • Easy , user friendly GUI.
  • It reduces employment as the human efforts are being automated by this system.
  • Does not contain auto SMS and E-Mail notifications.

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