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Nowadays we can’t carry books everywhere, it becomes difficult to carry books every day and read. Here we come up with this solution, this read me my book application helps the hardcopy of books to convert into pdf form. In this application user just needs to click picture using their mobile phone camera of the hardcopy pages and it will be converted into pdf form. Optical character recognition and text to speech are used to convert hardcopy pictures into pdf file, in this app we can update books by just clicking hardcopies pictures and also allows us to delete the pages which are not being used. This app helps to read books on mobile phones just by installing this app and helps to convert your favorite book into pdf, and hence you can enjoy reading your favorite books by just a few clicks.

  • It saves a lot of space. You can carry as much books as you want in your little device.
  • You can read whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • Library loss: you won’t have a library filled with your favourite books.

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