Mobile Wallet and QR Code Payment System

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Mobile phones have become an inseparable companion for many users, serving much more than just being a communication tool. With this QR code payment system we can do transaction digitally and we do not need to carry cash money everywhere. We can pay bills sitting in house or from any place. By using this mobile wallet system, it becomes easier to transfer money or pay bills, fees etc. In this mobile wallet system, there are 7 different modules namely login, register, home, recharge, card, transaction and transfer. User needs to register in the existing app and then with the ID and password he/she can login, after logging in user will get home page in that there are several options available, namely wallet, today’s transactions and pay & receive. User can recharge for any mobile number. User can save number of cards details he/she uses, add or delete card details. It also shows amount credited and debited in the wallet and updates the transaction information made till now. The receiver will create a QR Code which has to be scanned by the Sender and depending on all correct parameters such as date, time, amount and user, the transaction will either be successful or a failed message will be shown.

  • User don’t need to carry cash everywhere.
  • By sitting at home user can pay bills, recharge phone, transfer money and etc.
  • Paper can be saved on large number.
  • It requires active internet connection

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