Freelancer Project Management System

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Freelancer is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed as a particular employer. Freelancers can take several projects. It becomes difficult for a freelancer to manage every task and remember it. For this issue we came up with a solution, this freelancer management system helps the freelancers to manage their projects, there are two modules in this system namely Admin and Freelancer section. Admin can login and add freelancer, manage freelancers, create and assign projects to freelancers, they can also check the progress of the allotted projects along with the report. In Freelancer section, user can login and get new projects assigned, they can view project progress, previous completed projects and they can also give their feedback on it. This is how the system helps to manage the tasks and to get the task to a freelancer.

  • It helps in getting many projects to a freelancer.
  • It helps to manage the projects.
  • It only works on active internet connection.

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