Meeting Room Booking System Project for MNC’s

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We all know the importance of Presentation and a good one can make a decision-making difference in one’s mind. But to make that difference we just don’t require only a file or contents, there are lot more of the thing that go into it. This can be achieved using the proposed system here, we are automating the procedure of meeting room booking so that employee can just focus on the presentation. Employees can just enter the no of Guests, purpose and select date and time. This meeting room booking system will book a room for that Employee and send a reminder email an hour before the meeting. To achieve this there will be an admin section which can authorize the person to use the system and create the meeting rooms but submitting the details of the rooms like No of Guest it can accommodate, Amenities available like Wi-Fi Connection, Projector, White Board, Coffee Machine etc. So that Employees can select the rooms as per their requirement. Then there will be an option as well to temporally reject the room for any reason like construction or repair or something else. The room can be booked again, once all the issues are fixed. And the authorised person can login into the application and then lookup for required room for a particular day. And include / invite other employees if they are supposed to be present in the meeting and a mail will be sent to them. Employees can have a look on the upcoming meeting and he/she can send some feedback regarding the room or anything else needed in the room which will be sent to the admin and he/she can look upon that. This system can be not only used in MNC’s but also can be used by Universities and other institutions for the use of students and faculties.

  • Overcomes the dependency or waiting for someone to empty the room you cab to come or public transport.
  • Easy management for admin to take care of the working system.
  • Requires an active internet connection.

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