Quality checking using image processing

To check quality of any product is tedious task and time consuming. Here we come up with a system where image of the product is extracted and system will check product quality. Here we will check quality of biscuits. As food product quality is checked with more concern. We will propose a computer vision based quality checking system for the biscuit. System will identify whether biscuits are cracked or not. We will use MATLAB and image acquisition toolbox and image processing tool for implementing this system. User will input image of biscuit and will apply image processing techniques to check whether the biscuits are cracked or not. We use many filtering techniques as images are prone to environmental interference. Biscuit quality parameter values are provided as input to the system. Based on these parameter system will recognize biscuits which are cracked or not. Image will be converted to grayscale image. Grayscale image is further converted to black and white image that is image is digitized to 0 or 1. Image will further undergo many image preprocessing steps. We will apply a methodology to check whether biscuit is in shape or not .if image is not in biscuit pattern, system will mark that biscuit as cracked.

  • Used many image pre-processing steps to remove noise and unwanted objects.
  • As system will detect the pattern of biscuit. System will provide output with good accuracy
  • Process is time consuming

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