RFID Parking System Using Android

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This is an advanced Ticketing System for the Parking spots making it very easy to tag a vehicle by using RFID tracker to identify the user and deduct amount from his wallet. This System makes the work easier on both the ends to keep a track as well as pay the amount in a very efficient way. This System uses three Android Applications one for the Parking Spot i.e. the App Attached to RFID Scanner i.e. the Handler who will manage all the Parking Transactions, second used by the admin who is responsible to manage the Parking Spots and the third vehicle user. The Front End uses Android Studio and Back end as SQL Server. When the car enters the parking base, the user has to scan the card and the starting time and the user details is sent to the parking app and when the user takes out the car he scans the card again and if his card has the required amount in his wallet will be deducted directly or he has to pay in cash. The System analyses the start time and the end time and calculates the fare and likewise checks the amount in the user’s wallet and deducts the amount. The user can keep a track of his transaction and likewise the parking app has all the details regarding each vehicle entered to parking spots.

RFID Parking System Using Android

  • The users can go cashless and the amount is automatically deducted without any inputs given to the app.
  • The Consumer can view all his previous travels.
  • The System calculates the time and fare that he will have to pay; the time and fare changes i.e. it checks for the elapsed time.
  • The Admin has all the details of the user and vehicle details.
  • Easy to track and monitor everything.
  • If the user’s wallet has insufficient amount he can pay cash, the system is very efficient.
  • It requires an active internet connection.
  • If the Internet is slow or no connection the app won’t work leading to data loss.
  • Improper scanning of RFID may incur inaccurate data.
  • RFID is only per user; ticket is considered only for a single car.

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