Orange Fruit Recognition Using Image Segmentation

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Here we come up with the system where orange color is detected under natural lighting conditions. We will use edge detection method and color detection method. For this methodology we use image segmentation. We will input images of orange which are captured at different lighting condition and will use image segmentation to detect color of the image. We will implement this project in MATLAB image processing toolbox. We implemented edge based detection method which will detect edges of objects and color detection method to detect color of object. In this system user will input image of orange. System will convert the image from RGB to grayscale image for further processing. System will apply many filtering techniques, since image is captured under different illumination condition. We implemented many image pre-processing steps in order to extract the object and to implement edge detection and color detection method on object. Finally system will detect orange color objects and will display as an output.

  • Detects object at natural illumination condition.
  • Many filtering and image pre-processing steps are used for accuracy.
  • Detects only orange color objects.

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