Pocket Certificates using Double Encryption

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Almost all indian government issued documents are in physical form across the country. This means every time a resident needs to share the document with an agency to avail any service, an attested photocopy either in physical form or on scanned form is shared.
Use of document hard copies creates huge overhead in terms of manual verification, paper storage, manual audits, etc. incurring high cost and inconvenience. This creates problem for various agencies to verify the authenticity of these documents, thus, creating loopholes for usage of fake documents/certificates. These documents can be misused by anyone as strong identity is not attached with the document. This system is digital locker which provides digital empowerment for residents. It minimize the use of physical documents. System helps authenticity of the e-documents and eliminates usage of fake documents. This system provides more security to documents. It reduces administrative overhead of Govt. departments and agencies and make it easy for the residents to receive services. Documents can be accessed by multiple users at anytime and anywhere.

  • Triple DES and AES Encryption is used on document to keep it secure.
  • Easy access of files and cannot be lost.
  • Only legitimate users can access their documents and download the file.
  • System auto decrypts the files once user click on download.
  • System may provide incorrect results if data not entered correctly.

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